Fanboy Experience (By the SU Fanboy/Trash’s POV, yours truly~)

Yesterday, March 9, it’s been a year since I came to the Steven Universe fandom.

I love cartoons, Western Animation. Before SU, I was a fan of cartoons like Adventure time, Regular Show, The Amazing World of Gumball, Gravity Falls, to name a few, although I never actually became part of a fandom.

A year ago, most of my favorite shows are in hiatus so I went watching new shows to kill time, and that’s when Steven Universe caught my attention. I instantly became interested with the show, watching new episodes as new ones air until one faithful week…

There’s an event where SU airs new episodes everyday in a week, the first Steven Bomb. The best episodes through the first season finale.

And that’s when I officially entered the Steven Universe fandom, by joining the SU Wiki, where I grew as a fan.

At first I was an oblivious newbie, especially the fact that I’m not really good at socializing both online and in real life, at that time.

The past year was quite eventful actually. It’s been amazing, and crazy.

After few months, I began entering different sides of the fandom. I’ve started hoarding fanarts, for seemingly no reason. I’ve started reading fanfictions, which noticeably enhanced my English. I’ve started became interested on arts and writing, which was my weaknesses before. My ambitions changed: to becoming a digital artist and animator. My social skills enhanced…

It’s been a ride. Together with crazy tumblrinas in Tumblr, smart*sses in Wikia.

Being in Steven Universe fandom, it apprarently changed my life, which I never ever expected. It changed me, a lot.

Main idea: Fandoms have great side-effects on you, which you may not be aware of. Both in a good and bad way.

Fangirl Experience (By the Girl’s POV, yours truly =D)

I’ve been in a fandom (K-pop, to be specific) for more than 2 years now, turning 3. It’s been crazy there, tbh. That feeling you get when they release pictorial pics, teaser photos and vids, the actual comeback, debut stages (among the many, many things) is likened to insanity, maybe. You want to jump in joy, and scream shrilly at the top of your lungs, and also cry at the serendipity of everything or whatever. It’s like getting brothers and sisters you never asked for, especially since you’re all obsessed over the same thing. It’s getting a second family of sorts. And, they (fandoms) are not all bad. You keep each other updated, defend to fandom from haters, etc. Basically a one-of-a-kind unity is formed. Like nationalism, only fandom-related. And like, whatever. Main idea: Fandoms are amazing.

Tumblr – The Home of Fandom:Insane Edition

tumblr n.  a social media site similar to these Facebook and Twitter, only in blog form

Summary: The broken shell of a human (lol)


The summary, well, summarizes everything, I guess?

Tumblr fandoms, from Facebook and Twitter fandoms. Ones in Tumblr, or let’s face it the Tumblr users themselves are called “smart*sses” by netizens just because. Like the Sherlock fandom. Yeah, Tumblr fandoms are terrifyingly smart. Facebook fandoms are, let’s face it, pretty few in number and quite boring. Tumblr fandoms are pretty volatile and short-tempered (which can be pretty reasonable, since the legitimate accounts of their idols are in fact there). So yeah, Fandoms, Am I Turning Insane or Not: A Novel.

Wikia – The Home of Fandom

wikia n. a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users; aka “The Home of Fandom”.

Much like tiny Wikipedia or more correctly, a broader spin-off of Wikipedia, one that would allow people to create their own wiki communities.

If Wikipedia is the encyclopedia, then Wikia is the rest of the library. –Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikia and Wikipedia

Wikia is home to the greatest superfans in the world, and, with the launch of Fandom, it sits at the center of pop culture.

Wikis have particular features, which made it as more of a social networking site rather than educational. Before anything else, are the articles, filled with information about a particular thing, with the help of the fans’ collaboration. Then, the chat, where users/fans can chat, obviously. The forums where fans discuss about whatever they want to discuss. And blogs, where users can, you know? post blogs.

There are thousands of wiki communities over the internet. There are wikis about almost every sort of things, from random things like candies, to literature, music, science… almost everything!

And of course, wikis are filled with fans who care enough to open a wikia tab in their browsers.

Wikis are either great source of information or the most unrealiable source of “information”.

For people who hate spoilers, these sites are the bane of their existence, but to others they are vital sources of information.

Wikis are the most “sane” part of fandoms, or so they say…


ship n. any two people (or more, like what) that are paired together cuz they look cute, or possibly hinting a secret romantic relationship, or whatever.

One boy. One girl. (or boy AND boy or girl AND girl, possibly) that are paired for various reasons by the fans themselves. No further questions.


fanwork n. refers to anything ‘fanmade’, such as art (digital or otherwise), stories/fanfiction (rated K, K+, T, etc.), canon compliant or otherwise

Fanarts, as it speaks for itself, are fanmade art works drawn by, well, fans. There are all sorts of fanarts almost about everything. Never underestimate the fans’ imaginations.

Fan Fictions, in the other hand, are fictional stories written by fans, canon compliant or otherwise. Almost the same as fanarts, but as a written work. Through fanfictions, you unleash your imagination.

For example, “The Quartizine Trio”, a fanfiction for Steven Universe, regarding the author’s apparent obsession on what Steven and Connie’s future family would look like (they unanimously voted on conceiving three children, as it can be seen) , on the notion that Steven will and age and grow, like a normal human being and have a family. Oh did I forget to mention that there’s fanarts for the forementioned fanfiction, which I am currently woking on one.

The fans are the artist, the fandom is the canvas, the fanworks are the the colors.

Fanworks are the most “sane” part of fandoms, probably…

The Fans

fans n. short for “fanatics”; the people responsible for keeping the fandom running, and stuff. Have you ever seen any fandom without fans?  That’s that the ‘fan’ in ‘fandom’ stands for (fan kingdom, basically) honestly.

As mentioned, the people who keep the running There ain’t any fandoms without fans y’know. These are the “crackpot-crazy-as-heck” part of any fandom. The ones responsible for fanworks, fanfiction etc. everything behind it. As what the first entry said, there is the normal crazy and the out-of-this-world crazy. Be warned, they have a whole “army” to back them up. I won’t go into specifics cuz those words alone are self-explanatory. Mess with them, and you’ll never get out alive.


shipping n. short for “relationshipping”; the act of pairing two people or characters (hetero or otherwise) into a “love team” or couple ; a belief that two (or more) characters are “in a relationship”; or believing they look great or cute together. #MayForever

This may seem weird but it’s not. Trust me.

There are boyxboy (aka yaoi) and girlxgirl (aka yuri) ships, but mostly the girlxboy ships. So the last season. ‘Yaoi’ and ‘Yuri’ are of Japanese origin, obviously, but that’s not the point.

Most couple names are the combination of character names, also known as “Portmanteau Couple Name”. (ex. Rupphire is Ruby and Sapphire)

Canon and authorial intent do not necessarily dictate people’s shipping preference. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything that honestly puts any sort of restraint on shipping preference.

Although some shippings are invoked by confirmed canonical, on-screen relationships.

Of all the obsessions that universally afflict fandom, Shipping is by far the most persistent, widespread and prone to be Serious Business. It knows no boundaries of age, demographic and gender. This might raise an eyebrow or two on first inspection, but honestly, shipping is just a consequence of plain old human nature: we are wired to seek a romantic partner in such a powerful, fundamental way that some of us even get a considerable kick out of doing it by proxy — and fictional characters are plentiful, easy to relate to, often in want of someone to make out with, usually get their happy ending, and hardly ever fall out of love. We wish we were them. We are drawn to reimagining ourselves in their place like moths to the flame. (TVTropes, 2016)

Shipping is one of raison d’etre of any fandom, honestly have you ever seen a fandom without ships? Grow up.

The point is ships are a pretty universal thing, even in real life. It just is. Take Connverse, or Rupphire, or Larry Stylinson or Chanbaek or whatever. No matter what, there will be ships. And they are cute. Adoracble. Not ‘outlandish’ or ‘obscene’, bless your sweet soul. They never are, and they never will be. Case closed.

First things first, What are Fandoms?

fandom. n. The community that surrounds a tv show/movie/book etc. Fanfiction writers, artists, poets, and cosplayers are all members of that fandom. Fandoms often consist of message boards, livejournal communities, and people.

Or basically just a very large group of people crazily-obssessed over something. “Crazy” can range from normal crazy to I’m-gonna-cry-legit-tears-over-their-perfectness-for-the-rest-of-my-life crazy. Needless to say, fandoms ain’t simple.

This blog is your “godfather/godmother” of sorts as we’re posting stuff of all those major fandoms out there, but mostly the Steven Universe fandom, aka the best worst fandom you’ll ever been to. Okay? Okay. Let’s get started.